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About Us

We solve language barriers.

Ever since we opened our doors in 1996, our goal has been to provide the best quality of translation and interpretation services at competetive rates.  

Translation is the act, process, or instance of translating; the rendering from one language to another; the written product of such a rendering.

Well, our commitment to our clientele goes beyond the definition, because it's just not that simple. There's dialect, subject matter expertise, cultural nuances and deadlines which must be considered.  This, CFIT promises you from the beginning to completion of the project.  We follow up to make sure our clients' experience with our company was a positive one. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why we enjoy satisfied, repeat customers. We solve language barriers and we do it best.

 We definately look forward to serving you!

Professionalism, Confidence, Excellence.

We subscribe to the  ATA Code
of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.  We follow The NAJIT Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Standards and Excellence 


Our certified/qualified interpreters and translators are seasoned veterans of their profession.  They are capable of providing all forms of interpreting and translation.  We have built a network of professional interpreters and translators with an expertise in a wide variety of fields. 

Our translators include bilingual attorneys and engineers, as well as scholars and business professionals. 

Our interpreters are skilled in many facets of the field; consecutive, site and simultaneous interpreting.  

Our sign language interpreters are masters of the many forms of ASL, English or Pigeon sign language. 

The result is a solid team working in close collaboration to meet your every need.

Over 20 years of unrivaled service.

CFIT provides a variety of services for you. 

Translation of all types of documents, manuals, web pages, etc. 

On site interpreters for any kind of situation. 

Telephone interpreting.

Proof reading. 

Editing services .

Culture consultation.   

All this in many languages and dialects, including sign languages. language translation translation service


What Languages do you provide?


CFIT Provides interpreters and translators in a world wide range of languages, including Sign Language. A complete translation service. 

How much does it cost?


It depends on the language and complexity of the document.  Some documents are short and therefore charged by page and others are long and therefore charged by word count. translation language translation translation service

Will my document be government ready?


Yes.  All documents will come with a  certificate, notary statement and seal, making them government ready.

How fast can I get my document translated?


Depending on the situation, often times it can be translated as fast as you need it.  

How do I pay?


We accept all forms of credit card payment via PayPal, checks and cash.

What's the difference between translation and interpretation?


Translation is on paper from your source language to your target language.

Interpretation is person to person, either on site, via phone or via video relay.

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Please feel free to submit a message or email directly to cfitmv@gmail.com

Documents are as unique as fingerprints therefore, quotes are never given sight unseen.  You will have to submit an attachment of your document (best way is as a word document) and send it via email and we will happily give you an exact amount and time frame.

Llamenos. Le podemos ayudar en qualquier servicio de traducción que Ud. tiene.  Listo para imigración ó los tribunales.

Central Florida International Translation Service

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